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What academic requirements do you have for the graduate programme?

You don’t need to have a specific type of degree, we are open to applications from all backgrounds (including university, college and bootcamps), as long as you have basic coding knowledge. We’re looking for people who are passionate about the tech industry and digital products, as well as eager to grow their skills and keep up with the latest digital trends.

How long after graduating can you apply?

We don’t have a restrictive timescale for when you need to have graduated.

Is this a paid position?

Yes. All of our graduates will receive a monthly salary, which is consistently benchmarked.

Can reasonable adjustments be made throughout the recruitment process?

Yes. We understand that everyone succeeds in different types of environments, so we aim to tailor the activities as best as we can, so no one is at a disadvantage and you can show the best of yourself. If you would like to discuss any adjustments to our process, such as extra time or a different working environment, just let us know and we will work with you to do this.

Is there a deadline on submitting an application?

This will vary by each position you are applying for but we will always advertise a closing date on our job adverts. We do review applications as they come in so we recommend applying as soon as possible.

Can I apply before I graduate?

Yes, so long as you have graduated by September 2022, as this is a full-time position.

Can I apply for more than one location?

If you are open to various locations please mention this on your application but you only need to apply once. We also fully support remote applicants so it is entirely your choice on where you wish to live, whether that is near an office or not.

Do you pay for travel expenses for candidates travelling to discovery days?

Yes! More information will be provided through the recruitment process.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Our process is four stages: apply online, coding test, live video interview with a member of our emerging talent team, discovery day!

What happens at a discovery day?

This is an opportunity for you to visit our office, meet some xDesigners and learn about what we do. This will be a full-day process where you will work on a practical group task and complete a final technical and culture interview.

Where is the programme based? / do you accept remote applicants?

We have offices in Edinburgh and Leeds. We also support fully remote employees across the UK.

Any interview advice?

It’s always helpful to understand a bit about the company and employee experience, which you can find on our website and careers page. And come prepared with your own questions, this is a chance for you to learn more about us too (and we value curiosity). But most importantly, be yourself! We want to make sure that this is the right opportunity for you, and authenticity will help that.

Working at xDesign

What are the benefits at xDesign?

Our graduates will have full access to the range of benefits that all xDesign employees have, including private medical insurance, development days, unlimited 1:1 financial coaching through Bippit and access to learning platform O’Reilly. See our full list of benefits on our benefits page.

Is the graduate programme rotational?

Yes, our graduate programme is fully rotational and consists of four three-month rotations. You will begin on an internal xDesign project before moving across our different teams within engineering.

Will I be required to travel during the grad programme?

As part of the programme you will receive regular development days and every quarter we will deliver these sessions in person at one of our offices.

How will I be supported whilst on the graduate programme?

You will be fully supported from day one, right through the programme and beyond. We are really invested in our people and want to ensure everyone feels supported and connected with each other from the beginning. You will be supported by your line manager, emerging talent and people team as well as your wider team. Every graduate that joins us will also have a mentor throughout the programme.

What training can I expect whilst on the grad programme?

We believe in enabling every xDesigner to learn through various opportunities and being on the grad programme is no exception. You will learn through an internal project at the very beginning of your journey with us right through to the engineering rotations across the different areas. You will have ‘professional’ skill development sessions and technical sessions available through O’Reilly. All xDesigners have 6 Development Days a year for personal development

How long is the programme?

The programme is 12 months, and you will be a valued permanent employee from day one.

What comes after the programme?

Once the programme is finished, we intend to place you within one of our engineering teams based on your skills and interests. We work with our graduates individually to shape a career pathway prior to the programme finishing to ensure your journey with us continues to go from strength to strength.

Are there other schemes to get involved in?

Our team is currently working on a number of different initiatives outside of our graduate scheme, which will be launched in due course. Watch this space!

I have a question that’s not been answered

If you have any other questions about the programme, get in touch with emergingtalent@xdesign.com and we’ll be happy to answer.