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Our story

Innovation powered by people

At xDesign, we approach digital differently. Since before the power of digital was widely understood, our teams have collaborated to deliver forward-thinking products for some of the UK’s most ambitious and recognisable brands.

Since xDesign was founded in 2010, we’ve evolved an approach to our craft that produces exceptional results, and pushes the limits of what’s possible.

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Powering our communities


Part of our commitment to our communities is creating a space where people can meet others, and share insights and ideas about things they’re passionate about. That’s why we power a variety of events, from local community meetups, to national awareness days.

We’re hosting and supporting a number of events this year, which you can attend in person or watch our live stream straight from our events page. Check out what’s coming up or watch past events if you missed them.

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Culture and benefits

Working at xDesign is different

We look beyond rigid methodologies to deliver fresh, forward-thinking products, and our focus on flexibility and innovation extends to the teams we build and the ways we work. We believe that every employee should have the freedom to think outside of the box and use their voice to improve our services and products.

Our processes, policies, and ways of working are designed to be inclusive, transparent, and flexible from the moment you join the team.

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Our teams

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Driving the delivery of innovative products for some of the UK’s most recognisable brands is the hallmark of our incredible engineering team. Our engineers are specialists in mobile and front and backend web development, and they’re constantly learning new technologies to solve our clients’ problems and maximise their opportunities. If pushing the limits of possibility sounds interesting to you, this team is always ready to hear your ideas, and help you execute them.

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Quality Assurance

Our QA engineers are a team of dynamic, thoughtful people committed to making sure that the apps we build are the most accessible, most inclusive, most user-friendly apps possible. In fact, it’s often the case that this phase of development drives some of the most interesting, most useful innovation that we deliver. If you’re looking for a space where you can contribute to the delivery of genuinely meaningful digital products, this team is ready to support your ambition.

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Our design team is responsible for conducting the research and generating the prototypes that have become synonymous with xDesign’s functional, results-focused approach to development and delivery. This team is capable of transforming digital products into something genuinely unique, thoroughly useful, and intensely attention-grabbing. Their recommendations routinely help us build better products and processes, and if you have a knack for improving the way that people interact with technology, this team wants to hear from you.

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Our product team is responsible for making sure that each phase of any project is adding value for our clients, which means they’re laser-focused on dependencies and deliverables from day one. Each member of this team works to help our clients maximise efficiency, implement solutions, and future-proof their products. This is the team for skilled professionals dedicated to executing a clients’ vision to perfection.

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Our delivery team is a group of committed, knowledgeable project managers who work every day to ensure that our teams and projects run smoothly. They manage an incredible amount of information, and each one of them is fluent across engineering, design, product, and business. They’re a group of people with an uncanny ability to become subject matter experts at record speed, and their communication skills truly are second-to-none. This is the place for multi-taskers with excellent organisation and communication skills.

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This team spends their time ensuring that working at xDesign is a positive, productive, enjoyable experience. They’re the point of contact for any and every team member who might have a question about pretty much anything work-related, and they’re constantly investing their time and energy into learning as much as possible about how to create a supportive work environment designed to engage and develop team members across a range of disciplines. If you have big ideas about how people work best, this team wants to hear them.

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Talent Acquisition

This team sources the absolute best candidates to join our teams, but they’re an immensely talented group, themselves. They work hard to attract top talent and help people understand why xDesign is such a great place to work, and their commitment to their craft is one of the reasons why we’re able to continue growing as a business. If you’re interested in building teams that include the nation’s top talent, this group of dedicated professionals would love to hear from you.

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The team helps us tell our story. When it comes to who we are, what we do, and why we do it, it’s up to our marketing team to help us craft a digital footprint that meaningfully conveys our mission, vision, values, and goals. Importantly, our marketers are always looking for ways to encourage collaboration with people across every team in the business so that our digital presence is informed by a diverse, interesting array of perspectives and insight. If you have interesting ideas about storytelling, brand positioning, communications, or content, this team wants to hear them.

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Developing relationships with clients and partners who work in ways that align with our values and goals is an exacting process that requires management of a vast universe of business knowledge, as well as a healthy dose of personality and drive. Our incredible growth team does an incredible job of creating, building, and fostering relationships on behalf of xDesign to provide us with some of our most impressive opportunities over the years. If building relationships with some of the UK’s most recognisable brands sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, this team might the perfect fit for you.

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Our finance team is dedicated to facilitating xDesign’s growth as a business with an eye towards sustainability and success. They work closely with several other teams to ensure that investments in our people and our clients are meaningful, productive, and accessible, and they’re always focused on discovering new and better ways of setting our team members up for success, now and for the future. If you’re a people-focused finance professional, this is the team for you.

Our voices

What our people say

“xDesign was my first big break into the tech industry. I came into the role as a bleary eyed junior, eager to absorb as much as possible, and I couldn’t have asked for a better tech education! Over the last three and a half years, I’ve learnt an incredible amount, both in my own discipline, and in the many other professions that make up a digital product team. I’ve been well supported during my growth at the company, as I took on more and more responsibilities, and developed my skill set.”

Senior Product Designer

“With a background in recruiting for the Higher Education sector, I wasn’t too sure how to break into the tech industry, which has always been a passion of mine. xDesign gave me the opportunity to get into the sector and, having been here for almost six months, they’ve provided me with the support to grow and develop at pace. I’ve learnt so much in the past six months it really makes me excited for the year ahead. Everyone has a voice here at xDesign and I’ve never been a part of such a collaborative workplace before.”

Sr Talent Acquisition Partner

“xDesign is the most supportive place I’ve worked! With the company scaling so quickly, I can work with and learn from so many talented people. What’s refreshing is that they want to learn from you too and there’s always room for me to give my thoughts and ideas, which makes me feel extremely valued. No matter your experience or job seniority, you’ll always be encouraged to speak up and be listened to, which is great.”

Marketing Executive

“One thing that works well at xDesign is when people take their personal development days to look at something totally different to what they do day-to-day, where they can work with other engineers and learn new skills from each other. It’s particularly rewarding then to see some of these side projects getting deployed and used in teams.”

xDesign staff headshot - Engineering - Daniel
Head of Engineering

“Since working with xDesign I have always felt a valued and important member of my team and the company despite my experience level. I have room to strengthen my UX and UI design skills as well as the ability to explore additional interests and mediums such as animation. I’ve always been made to feel that the hard work I put in is recognised and appreciated!”

Digital Designer

“xDesign has an amazing office culture, I always look forward to coming in and seeing the team! There’s also a big focus on ensuring a healthy work-life balance, which is something I really value. The regular social activities are a great way to meet new members of the team, remotely and in person, and get to know people outside of project work (and the table tennis table is also a big plus!)”

Engineering Manager

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