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We think of working at xDesign as being part of one team: a team that recognises accomplishments, creates bonds, and strives for ways to improve. We support each other through a variety of apps, platforms, and events that help us stay connected, and stay informed.

Our community

Tools for building relationships


We’re focused on making sure that everyone has a direct line to the people and information they need, when they need it, and that includes team members working from the office, or at home. Outside of regular one-on-ones and team meetings, we use Slack to manage a lot of our day-to-day communications and connect with our colleagues. We use it as a communication hub for topics ranging from work and projects, to events and hobbies, and everything in between.


Transparency is an integral part of how we work at xDesign. In addition to regular meetings with your team and manager to discuss your projects and goals, each month, our leadership teams host a company update that covers topics ranging from important accomplishments and upcoming events, to more focused matters like financial and growth-focused goals for the business. It’s just one of the ways that we work to keep everyone informed, and involved.


Building relationships is important to us, and we’re focused on giving our team members every opportunity to make meaningful connections with the people around them. One of our favourite ways to encourage these connections is through Donut: an app that connects colleagues with people from another office or team. Every two weeks, Donut randomly pairs people to connect over a brief video chat, offering a simple, fun way to connect with teammates virtually.


At xDesign, we work hard, but we also take our down-time seriously! We’re always looking for ways to engage our team members and ensure that everyone has the chance to relax and unwind, and get to know their coworkers. We host frequent social events online and in-person – and everyone is welcome to attend and take part in things like chocolate tastings, murder mystery dinners, quizzes, meditation workshops, happy hours, and more.


We’re always striving to make xDesign an amazing place to work and grow. We do this with honest communication and constant refinement of our processes and policies. And when it comes to improving our ways of working, we think the best way to ensure that our people have the support and tools they need is to ask them, which is why we use Officevibe. It’s a platform that monitors and enhances employee engagement, satisfaction, and feedback through anonymous monthly surveys, and it’s one of the many ways that we gain insight into how our people are feeling about their roles, work, and teams


Giving people credit for a job well done is a priority at xDesign. We do this through regular one-on-one meetings and with public recognition at our monthly company updates. When it comes to day-to-day shout outs, we use the peer recognition platform HeyTaco to show our colleagues appreciation or praise. Giving someone a virtual taco is the xDesign way of showing thanks, appreciation, or congratulations, and after tacos are given out, xDesign gives back: each month, tacos are ‘cashed in’ as donations to a range of charities selected with input from employees on causes they care about.

Best Workplaces 2021, 2022 and 2023

Great Place to Work

Our people are what make xDesign such a welcoming and supportive place to work, and we’re thankful to each and every one of them for lending their voices to the Best Workplace survey, and for creating such a great work environment (both in-person and remote!)

The survey – which is the largest survey of workplace cultures and people practices – measures the extent to which all team members, across the organisation, reported a consistently great workplace experience. Factors considered include physical and mental wellbeing, fairness, camaraderie, and trust in leadership.

Building your career

Growing at xDesign

At xDesign, we focus on career progression and personal development to make sure every team member achieves their goals, including six days allotted every year for Learning & Development.

As a result of the investment we make in our people, our team members frequently advance in their roles and responsibilities as they grow their career with us. In fact, xDesign’s attrition rate is 70% below the industry average in the UK!

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Our values

We challenge

We challenge ourselves to go beyond the obvious. To act with integrity, to deliver excellence, to improve and to innovate. We challenge our clients in pursuit of better solutions.

We care

We care deeply about our craft, colleagues, clients and their customers. We demonstrate this through companionship, compassion, and candour.

We collaborate

Everyone is equal. Everyone has value. Individually we are brilliant. Together we are unstoppable.

Our voices

Glassdoor reviews

From the moment I joined the team, everyone was extremely welcoming. The onboarding process was really comprehensive, and I was given plenty of time and resources to find my feet. Straight off the bat I was also welcomed to give any thoughts or ideas on different projects, which made me feel extremely valued. No matter your experience or job seniority, you’ll always be encouraged to speak up, and will be listened to, which is great.

29th November 2021

xDesign has a fantastic culture and the people are the reason. Everyone is very welcome, warm and spirited and it seems to be because they feel heard by senior leadership and are valued. It is a great place to work.

12th September 2021

The first thing I noticed about working at xDesign is how amazing and supportive everyone is which helps to create the great work culture. I love the fun clubs we have every month and the fact the company is continuously investing in its people.

22nd December 2021

The people at xDesign make what can sometimes be tricky projects a lot more manageable. There isn’t widespread backstabbing, heated arguments or political power games. Just people who care about doing a good job, that will support each other and that you really enjoy working with as teammates. There are also regular optional social events that most of the company participates in.

26th February 2021

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